Off-Roading at its Very Best.

How do you get yours?

The ONLY way into Suburban Estates you MUST have a Gate Key.

How do you get a Key?

Keys are ONLY issued to someone who either owns or leases land within the 10,000+ acre recreational subdivision.

Once You’re in enjoy 10,000+ acres of Off-Roading, Hunting, Camping and more. 

Suburban Estates is about 30 miles south of Orlando, in Osceola County.

Land in Florida is becoming harder to find for Off-Roader use.

This is a Fun and Legal place to go motorcycling and four wheeling.

Suburban Estates is about 5 miles at its widest point east to west and about 5 miles north to south.

Bring your family and friends to enjoy riding the many off road trails that run all over Suburban Estates.

Motorcycles, ATVs, Swamp Buggies, Side by Sides, Track vehicles, 4×4 Pickup Trucks, Jeeps, 6×6’s and even Monster Trucks are permitted.

Do you like to hunt?  Having access to Suburban Estates allows you to hunt different types of game.

Hunt deer, wild hog, turkey etc.

Wild Hog can be hunted all year long here.

BUY or LEASE the property of your dreams, its easy Contact us, Call or Text (608) 347-3963 or Email and we’ll go over the available options. You simply select what works for you.

Once you have selected the property and terms, we’ll prepare the paperwork and email it to you for your signature. It’s really that easy.

You can have access 24 /7 to Off-Roading’s Very Best.

Available Lot Sizes from 1.25 to 5.00 acres. CLICK HERE for available parcels.


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Cash Sale, Seller Financing, Lease with an Option to Purchase, Land Lease or Factional Use / Floating Date Lease Program


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