Land Lease

Leasing land is an extremely common practice in Farming, Hunting, Storage, Commercial building etc. So we just though why not do it with recreational land as well.

How to Get Started

STEP ONE – Determine which parcel of land works best for you. ( if we have it listed for sale we most likely will consider leasing it )

STEP TWO – Decide how long you plan on using land.

STEP THREE – Once You’ve decided on the parcel of land and the terms, the paperwork will be emailed to You for review and signing, this is done online via Adobe Sign, its super fast and easy.

What is the Typical Cost of Land Lease

There are Three (3) variables that determine cost:

  1. Location (is the land a dry campable site all year or is it wet land leased solely to gain access to the gated land),
  2. Lot Size (the land is leased by the acre, i.e. the larger the parcel the higher the monthly payment) and
  3. Length of Lease (the longer lease term, the lower the monthly payment).

Is There a Minimum Lease Term – Yes, the lease term may run as short as One (1) year and as long as Fifteen (15) years.

If You’re interested in Leasing with an Option to Purchase the land. We can do that, let’s talk.



DON’T MISS OUT!  An Opportunity Like This Won’t Last Long!

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Land is sold and/or leased as-is and all information provided is to the best of our knowledge. We recommend that the interested parties perform their own due diligence to make sure the property meets their needs. Our properties move fast so contact us quickly with any questions you may have.