What is it and how does it work?

Our Fractional Use, Floating Date program is similar to a timeshare with Three of Significant Differences.

FIRST – Your dates of use are NOT Locked in, only having access to the land on the exact same week each year. You can change your dates of use when ever you want*.

SECOND – This is a lease arrangement, slashing up front costs, unlike buying something and there is nothing to try and sell when you want out.

THIRD – You decide how long you want the arrangement to last. You’re never going to be trapped for years paying for something you no longer want or use!

I’m sure you have heard horror stories of people buying a timeshare and then after some time they decide they want to do something else or just want to use the property at different time of the year only to discover they’re stuck. They can’t sell it and can’t change their use dates. They just have to keep paying month after month, year after year.

That simple can’t happen with our Fractional Use, Floating Date program!

How to Get Started

STEP ONE – Decide how often (how many weeks each year) you plan on using land.

STEP TWO – Once You’ve decided the terms, the paperwork is emailed to You for review and signing, this is done online via Adobe Sign, its super fast and easy.

STEP THREE – Go to the online calendar to schedule your land use. This can be done at any time, at your convenience and can be changed at your discretion based on land availability at that time.

What is the Typical Cost of Fractional Use – There are Four (4) variables that determine cost:

  1. Number of Weeks Per Year You want to have access. (You may lease up to Ten weeks of use per year)
  2. Location (is the land a dry campable site all year or is it wet land leased solely to gain access to the gated land),
  3. Lot Size (the land is leased by the acre, i.e. the larger the parcel the higher the monthly payment) and
  4. Length of Lease (the longer lease term, the lower the monthly payment).

Is There a Minimum Lease Term – Yes, Factional Use lease term may run as short as Three (3) years and as long as Fifteen (15) years.

FULLY SUBSCRIBED: Out of the 52 weeks each year that the land can be utilized. When a FRACTIONAL USE, FLOATING DATE program for a specific parcel of land reaches 20 WEEKS leased it is deemed “Fully Subscribed” and no additional weeks will be leased for that parcel. This leaves 32 WEEKS open for Tenants to switch use dates.

* How Dates of Use are Determined – Dates of use will be determined by Tenant at Tenant’s discretion and will be only subject to Land availability (availability schedule is found on the password protected portion of the recreational land website, accessible by Tenants exclusively)


DON’T MISS OUT!  An Opportunity Like This Won’t Last Long!

PHONE/TEXT 608-347-3963

Land is sold and/or leased as-is and all information provided is to the best of our knowledge. We recommend that the interested parties perform their own due diligence to make sure the property meets their needs. Our properties move fast so contact us quickly with any questions you may have.