Seller Financing

Seller Financing is extremely common with land sales. This is due primarily to the fact that most Traditional Banks won’t consider lending on unimproved land, this is why we offer the Seller Financing option.

How is the Seller Financing monthly payment determined

There are Four (4) variables that determine the payment amount:

  1. Purchase Price of the land,
  2. The amount of the Down Payment ( as a rule will require a minimum of 25% of the sale price ),
  3. The Term of the Loan ( the Number of Payments to be made ),
  4. Annual Interest Rate (as a rule we set it at prime plus three points ).

Is There a Minimum / Maximum Loan Term – NO, a loan term may run as short as Three (3) months and as long as Ten (10) years. The length of the loan term is primarily driven by the purchase price of the land and what the purchaser is comfortable with.

When buying vacant land most of us really have only two options when it comes to how to pay for the land. First, you can ask the seller for Seller Financing or Second, have the money yourself and pay Cash for the land. For most of us, that’s really it!

Cash Sale

WHAT IS A CASH SALE? A Cash Sale simply means at the closing the Seller is paid in full according to the paperwork. It doesn’t mean the Buyer didn’t borrow the money from somewhere, it just means there is no seller financing involved in the transaction.

With all Cash Sales we offer a Sizable Discount off the asking price.

Why do we do this? Its really quite simple. We’d rather get paid today and not wait and be paid a little bit each month over the next few years.


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Land is sold and/or leased as-is and all information provided is to the best of our knowledge. We recommend that the interested parties perform their own due diligence to make sure the property meets their needs. Our properties move fast so contact us quickly with any questions you may have.